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There are many people in my life who think it’s strange that I like to meet up with my online friends in real life. “What if he/she is an axe murderer?” is a common remark. And it was very strange at first: The first time I met Bora I basically fled the scene because I couldn’t handle it. (Lucky for me, he stuck around for a second night so I had a chance to redeem myself.)

But it really is fun! I mean, we form these communities online of people that share very specific interests. Why wouldn’t you want to hang out with them?

I was lucky enough last weekend to get to spend an afternoon with Noam Ross (great ecology blogger, grad student, and awesome dude // @noamross) — and then last night a group of us got together at a bar in Manhattan and I had some great conversations with people I’ve known, as well as made new friends. (Awww.) I’ll shoot up a note next time we have one of these meetups in case any of y’all want to join in! We don’t bite… well, at least I don’t.

Anyway: I have the list of attendees and it is my duty to share. So here goes.

If I forgot you, i.e. you missed Krystal forcing my list into your face/beer, leave a comment and I’ll update.

Here’s to next month’s #nycscitweetup! See ya there, I hope

Written by Hanner

March 24, 2011 at 9:29 am