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Epigenetics: A Primer in Sketches [Link]

Epigenetics.  So hot right now.

I study epigenetics in my lab.  (That’s right, I’m hot.)  When someone asks me what that means, I give the brief definition: “It’s the study of changes in gene expression without a change in the actual DNA sequence.” “Like, molecules or proteins can bind to the physical DNA and affect whether the DNA is transcribed.”  “Y’know?”

If you’re looking for a more technical, yet understandable, explanation, head over to the Sketch Overview of Epigenetics at Genes to Brains to Mind to Me.  The author is a great artist, as you can see above, and the primer gives a good overview of epigenetics basics to keep you hip to the scene.

[Thanks to Genomeweb Daily Scan for the tip]

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December 17, 2009 at 10:42 pm

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