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Q&A in Charlotte Observer

Good morning, folks,

Just writing this self-promotional post to inform you that T. Delene Beeland did a little Q&A section with me in the Charlotte Observer for Blog of the Week.  So if you want to read my answers to 3 questions, click here.  (Also there is a picture of me with my stuffed shark I got in Alabama.  His name is El Sanguino, i.e. The Bloody One.  My very own bastardization of Spanish, thank you very much.)

Post coming soon – in honor of the upcoming poop-themed Carnal Carnival to be hosted by Bora of A Blog Around the Clock this month.  Submit your own posts to carnivalcarnal AT gmail DOT com

Good day, y’all!


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August 16, 2010 at 7:01 am

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