Culturing Science – biology as relevant to us earthly beings

Kevin van Aelst

Kevin Van Aelst, Chromosomes, 2005, digital C-print, 20 x 24

I have this picture hanging next to my computer at work, and no one has ever recognized it for what those lil chromosomes are — gummy worms!  Everyone always asks me, “oh, that looks cool, what stain did you use?”

Kevin Van Aelst makes art that appeals to me.  A lot of it references biology in some way — such as his egg mitosis, gum digestion, or coffee clouds.  In all cases he takes a common object such as food, clothes, or bodies, and applies a scientific or mathematical concept to it.

This is the sort of science-art that really appeals to me.  Artists who take these sometimes complicated or seemingly inaccessible ideas and make you see them all around you.  It makes things like cell division or DNA, which can be hard to believe even occur, seem easy or natural.

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December 4, 2009 at 9:41 am

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